Gates Lane Bridge Announcement

Gates Lane Bridge Update

A new bridge is set to replace the Gates Lane Bridge, with the building process expedited following a meeting at the Weymouth Legion where the announcement was made that we will get the Bridge. It will tender this year and construction will start shortly after.

The West Nova Chamber of Commerce (WNCC) proudly initiated a social media campaign, promoting the bridge replacement through Facebook. This campaign sparked community engagement, highlighting the importance of the chamber’s support for local initiatives.

The WNCC has a track record of advocating for the community, including successfully lobbying to keep the ferry service and leading efforts to bypass the Highway of Hell by completing the last section of Highway 101. Additionally, the chamber is advocating for improved bus service in West Nova.

Thanks to the efforts of Mark Peachy, Chief Engineer, and his team, the project has been swiftly approved by the Minister of Public Works. The bridge will go to tender this year, with construction expected to take six months. It will be a one-lane Bailey bridge capable of accommodating snow plows in winter.

This project underscores the power of community collaboration. West Nova residents now recognize their collective voice, signaling positive change for the region.

For more details on the standard process from concept to completion, refer to the following link: