Highway Traffic is a Danger

This highway should not wind its way through residential areas sometimes only 50 feet away from residents.

How many ways is it bad? Let me count the ways.

  1. Read the 100 plus horror stories by people who live and drive through Old Trunk 1. AKA the Evangeline Trail. Now misnamed Highway 101. The only stretch of 101 Highway that is not a restricted entrance Highway.
  2. Flying truck wheels can maim and Kill.
  3. Flying vehicles can hit houses.
  4. Noise and vibration causes stress.
  5. Calling the Evangeline Trail an Interprovincial Highway 101 is an invitation to speed.
  6. Pollution is bad for the residents health.
  7. People can not stop at the few remaining busineses along the way, because they are intimidated into speeding by hostile drivers who get angry if you don’t drive at interprovincial highway speeds.
  8. It is impossible to make a 90 degree turn at highway speeds.