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Unlocking Value through Action: Your Chamber’s Commitment

First and foremost, to ensure our members truly benefit from their membership dues, we believe in delivering tangible value. It’s not just about words; it’s about action. Your Chamber has demonstrated its commitment to getting things done, and we’re just getting started.

Empowering You Through Our Website: A Growing Resource

Our website is rapidly evolving into a vital hub of information for our community. We are fully committed to its continuous growth and development. We see it as a dynamic resource that will serve you well.

Benefits That Matter: Real Solutions for Real Needs

When it comes to benefits, we face the challenge of offering more than just enticing words. We aim to provide benefits that members will genuinely use and find valuable. But it’s not just about individual benefits; it’s about enriching our entire community.

Community-Centric Approach: Sharing Knowledge and Support

We recognize the importance of fostering a sense of community. That’s why we emphasize information sharing, mentoring, and support for both businesses and non-profit organizations. Our Fishing & Farming Committee, led by the Chamber, spearheads agricultural and fishing initiatives and consultations.

Member-Exclusive Perks: Discounts That Count

We understand the value of member-to-member discounts. Our proactive members Digby Signs and Sesh (a Zoom app) are already offering enticing discounts—a 10% discount and a generous 50% discount, respectively.

Education for Empowerment: Investing in Your Growth

Education is a key driver of growth. Our successful public speaking course is a testament to this. We’re partnering with WEI (Workplace Education Initiative) to offer free business education for our members. And if there’s demand, we’re eager to provide additional educational opportunities.

Protecting What Matters: Insurance Partnerships

We know that insurance matters. That’s why we’ve secured partnerships with Canada Life and Zensurance to offer Group Health Benefits and Business Insurance. The response has been overwhelmingly positive.

Monthly Meetings: A Platform for Connection

Our regular Monthly Networking Meetings have received a fantastic response from our members and interested parties. It’s a crucial platform for dialogue and connection.

Informed Advocacy: Keeping You in the Know

We’re committed to keeping you informed about federal and provincial budgets and critical business issues. Regular updates will ensure you’re well-informed.

Chamber TV: Showcasing Your Success

Our exciting Chamber TV initiative will feature live video interviews with each member who wishes to be showcased. It’s a fantastic opportunity for community recognition and marketing.

Tourism in Focus: Supporting Our Community

Tourism is a lifeline for our community, and we’re dedicated to nurturing our ties with the tourist industry. A dedicated section on our website will highlight this vital sector.

Advocacy in Action: Championing Community Interests

We’re actively engaged in advocacy efforts, liaising with the town of Digby, the Municipality of Digby, and our local MLA. These relationships are essential for addressing community interests and concerns. Advocacy may be time-consuming, but it’s essential to achieving our community objectives.

Moving Forward with Purpose: Taking One Step at a Time

We have numerous initiatives in the pipeline for our members and our community. However, we’re mindful not to take on too much at once. We’re committed to tackling our tasks one step at a time, ensuring that we make meaningful progress.

Together, we’re building a stronger community and Chamber, one action at a time.

The Chamber has adopted By-Laws that ensure a healthy and productive organization. A yearly Annual General Meeting and election of the Board of Directors provides leadership pathways for members. Do you want to make a difference? The West Nova Chamber is where you can do it. Consider becoming a member of our Team. Contact to get involved.

We are about Diversity & Inclusion

Its all about the members. The West Nova Chamber seeks to foster partnerships and relationships within the community. We support initiatives that enhance the quality of life in Digby County and support economic
prosperity. The Chamber is a friendly organization that will bring positive change to the community.

Nova Scotia Proud

The West Nova Chamber is a leader in bridging relationships with greater Nova Scotia businesses & organizations, ensuring that Nova Scotia has a clear voice representative of its needs.