Tragic Loss of a Piece of our History - Why ?

Many of our local Residents will remember the fencing that went up around this historic home in the Fall of 2023.   Foolishly, we all thought that it was getting its roof done.  To the shock of locals – that is not what happened.  This historic home was ripped down as fast as possible.  Wiped from the landscape.  Why did this happen?  Well the WNCC has been looking into it. 8360  Old Route 1  – according to unconfirmed sources was purchased by the Provincial  Ministry of Public Works and torn down as they are well aware of the serious and present  danger  on the Ghost Highway  in our community.  Instead of building the long promised Bypass – They have taken a piece of local history.  The purported reason?  They are “planning” to make some improvements at some point ????  SHAME SHAME SHAME.    Leave our history alone.  The tearing down of the historic blue house purportedly by government related to the Highway of Hell –  another big mistake.   More to come from the WNCC as we are reviewing what transpired at this property and will report back once we confirm who owns it and who is responsible for ripping it down.