We saved the ferry!

We won the battle to keep our ferry!

It is with immense joy that we share the fantastic news – our vital MV Fundy Rose is here to stay! The Federal Government, acknowledging the collective wisdom and strength of our community, has wisely abandoned the notion of relocating our essential ferry to the Magdalen Islands.

For the past three weeks, the West Nova Chamber of Commerce has poured every ounce of effort into this cause. Our impact has echoed across mainstream and social media, with extensive coverage in interviews spanning TV, radio, and print. We manned the phone lines tirelessly, maintained unwavering communication with our political representatives, and garnered support, even from the Saint John Chamber of Commerce.

This triumph holds significance beyond just retaining our ferry. It is a resounding affirmation of the West Nova Chamber’s influence as a powerful advocate for our community. Our resilience and determination in navigating this challenge underline our collective strength.

The importance of this victory extends to the heart of our community’s livelihoods. In preserving the MV Fundy Rose, we safeguard the lifeline that supports our thriving tourism industry, sustains our fishing communities, ensures the smooth flow of trucking operations, and enhances the overall quality of life for every resident.

Congratulations to each and everyone who got on board with us. The petition garnered over 4,800 signatures and carried the threat of Phase 2 for when we hit the 5,000 mark. Today was the last day for the government to prevent the launching of Phase 2. We won the day, against all odds, and now together, we stand united as a force dedicated to defending the interests, values, and prosperity of our community.

It is a day for celebrations.

Dan White

Chief Executive Officer

Email:  ceo@westnovachamber.ca

Tel:  902-510-1967